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What makes Ellis Elementary a great school?

Building: We are the oldest continually operated elementary school in the State of Utah - Established in 1893. We have a rich heritage. Our school is home to about 350 students.

Staff: We have a staff of experienced teachers averaging over 16 years of experience. Additional Degrees/Endorsements:
     4 - Master’s Degrees
     4 - Reading Endorsements
    10 - ESL Endorsements
     3 - Early Childhood Endorsements
     1 - Media Endorsement
     3 - Special Education Degrees

School Wide Programs - (All classes participate in):

  • Cool Kids - Behavior Management Program
  • Character Counts/Positive Action - Character Ed Programs
  • Intensive Phonics
  • Monthly Data Discussions
  • Flexible grouping of students for reading to maximize instruction
  • All classrooms have additional reading aides
  • Cooperating School with USU providing placements for Level II, III and student teachers in the elementary ed and special education departments
  • Parent Liaison to assist Spanish speaking families

Student Success

  • After School Club serves 130-140 per day
  • 34 kindergarten students participate in an extended day program
  • 21 students participate in orchestra before school
  • Confidence Crew is an after school  reading program designed to assist struggling 1st graders with reading skills
  • Poetry Club

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Why does school start at 8:00?

Several years ago the parents were given an opportunity to vote for an earlier start. The vote was in favor of an early start.  We have many parents who have to be to work at 8 and like to drop their children off on their way to work.  We extend our day through after school club programs until 5:30.

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Why are the doors all locked except for the front entrance?

The Superintendent asked us to keep our doors locked so we could monitor who was in our buildings by having them check into the office. This prevents people from entering without anyone knowing. Visitors are welcomed at the school and must check in at the front office where they will receive a visitors tag. 

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How can parents be involved at the school?

There are several ways that parents can get involved at the school. They can volunteer in their child’s classroom. This can be done by checking with the teacher to match schedules. Many teachers also have things that can be done at home for parents who cannot come during the school day.  

Parents can also participate in PTA. They can show their support by joining and can contact the PTA President for board positions or to participate in activities sponsored by the PTA.  

Ellis also has a community council made up of parents and staff. This position is elected in the spring. Parents interested in being on the community council can contact the office. The community council meets once a month and sponsors family involvement activities through out the year. They also make suggestions for improving the school and help formulate and approve the School Improvement Plan and the Title I plan.

Parents can also support the school by collecting labels, ink cartridges and milk caps. See the PTA page for more information.

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Where can I park?

We have a parking lot north of the main entrance. If you are just stopping in to visit a teacher or to see a poetry club you can park in front of the chain link fence. Please leave the area in front of the school open for pick up and drop off.

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How are students supervised on the playground?

During recess time the teacher supervises the class. During the lunch hour we have four supervisors. One for the lunchroom and the other three out on the playground.

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What are the closest CVTD bus stops?

There are several bus stops located a block away from the school. Please go to the CVTD website for more details.

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How is curriculum selected?

Ellis Elementary uses the State CORE curriculum to teach students. Visit the Utah Core Standards web site to see what is taught at each grade. Basal programs are selected at the district level using a committee format that pilots and makes recommendations to the Board of Education. Most supplemental programs are also selected at the district level.  Some supplemental programs have been selected by individual teachers to help support student needs.

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How does the school promote values?

The legislature has mandated that values and morals are taught in school. Ellis Elementary has purchased a Positive Action kit for each teacher. Our school teaches a social skill each month to the students from the Cool Kids program. Ellis Elementary's school wide discipline program focuses on the positive; teaching appropriate school and social behavior, utilizing preventative discipline, and enforcing positive and negative consequences. Students are encouraged to practice and apply that skill. Students are also issued S.O.A.R. slips for demonstrating appropriate positive behavior. Four times during the year the students who have earned enough S.O.A.R. slips (20 per quarter) and have met their reading goal are invited to a school sponsored activity.

White slips are given to students who are not following the school rules. A white slip can be given by any staff member. The white slip will need to be taken home and have a parent sign it. This simply lets the parent know their child has not followed a school rule. More than 3 white slips during a quarter will prevent a student from being invited to the citizenship/reading activity.

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Why are we considered a Title I School?

Each district is given an amount of money designated to help students at risk known as Title I funds. The district then funds schools based on need or their free and reduced lunch count. Our school qualifies for that funding. This funding source is used to hire aides to help in classrooms. It is also used to help fund our family involvement activities.

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How can I donate to the school?

You can make tax deductible cash donations through the Logan City School District Foundation. You can designate where and what you would like these funds used for or leave that up to the school to decide. You can also donate by collecting box tops, ink cartridges, labels and milk caps. These funds are used to support student activities and to purchase equipment for the school.

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What are specialists?

The district provides funding to hire elementary specialists to teach PE, music, media and computers. That part of the state CORE curriculum can then be taught by the specialist and provide the teachers with preparation time. Students attend these classes once a week.

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Can I eat lunch with my child?

Yes, adults are always welcome to come and join us for lunch. The price is $3.50. Please pay in the office before you go down to the lunchroom. The office can tell you what time your child goes to lunch. You can see what is on the menu by clicking on the lunch menu button on our website.

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Can I request a teacher for the next school year?

We always welcome parent input. In April we make a form available in the office that you can fill out to give the school information about your child.

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What is the community council and how do I get involved?

Having a school community council is a legislative law. The Ellis community council is made up of 4 parents and 3 school employees. Elections are held in the spring with the terms changing over in July. The community council is responsible for developing a school improvement plan, developing the school Land trust program, developing a child access route, a reading achievement plan and over-seeing many functions such a parent and family involvement.

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What do the school terms my children use mean? (Glossary of terms)

Accelerated Reading or AR

This is our practice program for reading. Students are assigned a level of books to read and then take a computer comprehension test on them. Click here to visit the AR web site.

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AR Goal

Each student and teacher set a quarterly goal of how many points they want to earn in reading. The AR books have a maximum point value. Students can earn all of the points by getting 100 on their computer tests. Click here to visit the AR web site.

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AR/Citizenship Activity

These are activities done quarterly. Students can join in the celebration if they have met their AR goal and earned their SOAR slips. Click here to visit the AR web site.

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Cool Kids

This is our social skills program. We believe students should be taught the correct way to interact with others. Some of the skills we teach include: How to follow directions, how to join in, how to accept feedback, etc.

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Reading Terms

Comprehension: Remembering what you read and being able to use the information. Comprehension is our ultimate goal.

Fluency: This is the speed and expression students read with.

Intensive Phonics: The program our school uses to teach kids to sound out words.

Reading For All Learners: A series of books that are easy to sound out. These books are leveled and are used mainly for homework.

ZPD: Zone of Proximal Development. This is the reading level for your student. The level is determined by the STAR (Standardized Test for the Assessment of Reading) test. By reading in their level students can make the most progress. The level is just a guide and can be adjusted by the teacher to better meet the needs of the students.

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School Rules

Respect themselves, others and property.
Follow directions from adults the first time.
Keep hands, feet, and objects to themselves.
Be in the right place at all times.
Walk quietly while inside our school.

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Six Traits

These are writing skills taught and practiced. They include: organization, voice, conventions, word choice, sentence fluency, and idea.

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SOAR Slips

These are slips given to students who are doing what they should be. All staff members watch for students and reward them for their positive behavior. Students earn 20 slips a quarter to be able to attend a celebration.

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Please call the school when your child is absent. 435-755-2330.

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