Ellis Community Council Meeting Agenda
Location: Conference Room
October 2, 2018

In attendance: Cori Bingham, Farina Buttars, Doug Beach (Principal), Karol Marroquin, Emily Wengert (Teacher) Absent, Katie Nielsen, Amy Anderson, Justin DeRose

-Welcome- Doug

-Approve Minutes from September 4, 2018
Motion: Cori Bingham Second: Karol Marroquin Pass: Yes

-Review of 125th Anniversary.  All felt it was a success based on many happy reunions and the estimated 500 people who attended.

-2017-2018 Final Report.  Mr Beach reviewed the final testing results related to last year’s plan.  Results are posted in the School Land Trust Final Report on the Web Page.

-Budget.  Council discussed an amendment to the 2018-2019 School Improvement Plan.  Proposed to take $7000 carry over and place it into hardware for educational technologies, $1000 into educational software needs related to literacy goal.  Submitted by Mr. Beach 10/22/18
Motion: Cori Bingham Second: Emily Wengert  Pass: Yes

-Drop-off, Pick-up Safety.  Tabled for future discussion

Motion: Karol Marroquin Second: Cori Bingham Pass: Yes