Ellis Community Council Meeting Agenda
Location: Conference Room
September 4, 2018

In attendance: Amy Anderson, Cori Bingham, Justin DeRose, Farina Buttars, Doug Beach (Principal), Karol Marroquin, Emily Wengert (Teacher)

  1. Welcome- Amy 1 minute

  2. Approve Minutes from May 3, 2018- Amy 1 minute

  3. Overview of Community Council & Goals – Amy 5 minutes

  4. Introductions- Everyone 7 minutes

  5. President and Vice-President Elections- Amy 10 minutes

    President: Amy Anderson
    Motion: Doug Beach Second: Cori Bingham Pass: YesVice-President: Justin DeRose
    Motion: Cori Bingham Second: Farina ButtarsPass: Yes

  6. Council Membership- Doug 5 minutes
    Plans to find 2 more parents for the council

  7. Funding Report from last year- Doug 10 minutes
    Carry-over about $4000
    Bought Chrome Book Lab
    Spent $ on travel for vocabulary development

    Allocation for this next year about $41,325

  8. 125th Anniversary Planning- Doug 20 Minutes
    September 27, 2018 @ 6pm-7:30pm

    Doug wants to work on 115 year video

    Combine Anniversary with a Parent Involvement Night
    Music Teacher will teach students school song
    Maria is working on Archive
    Farnsworth will donate food from Golden Corral
    Invites- Want to get on Radio and Herald Journal
    Games across the ages: marbles, crack the whip (maybe by grade)
    Veto blow-up equipment
    Community Council in charge of manning Archives Area
    Farina will contact Cool School of the week on Fox News
    Set aside $500 of Community Council Budget
    Council Arrive at 5:30

  9. Radio Nov 28 – Spanish Radio Channel

  10. Adjournment – Amy 1 minute

    Motion: Cori Bingham Second: Justin DeRose Pass: Yes